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Equestrian Services International (ESI) is confident that we provide the best equestrian arena footing currently on the market, and that it makes the ultimate in riding surfaces. It is the ESI promise that riders and horses alike will love our arena footing. When looking for the best equestrian arena footing and equestrian products for your property, look no further.


At Equestrian Services International, we provide full array of services for all your equestrian arena needs. The ESI focus includes equestrian arena footing, arena groomers, arena grooming equipment, arena drags, arena design services, arena irrigation, arena drainage, and all of the equipment necessary to maintain any equestrian arena at top level.


We also offer equestrian arena construction, horse jump custom design and construction, arena dust suppressant products, arena fences and fence paint. Equestrian Services International is  YOUR equestrian service and product provider.

'Simply the Best' Equestrian arena Footing in the World

International Competition Arena Footing

Premium blend of the highest quality sand available 
on the market. This incredible arena footing allows proper drainage and incredible 
cushion in the footing.

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Elite Synthetic Arena Footing

This arena footing is our second biggest selling item in the US market and is available in different colors to make a great riding surface choice.

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Traditional Sand Arena Footing

“Traditional Sand Footing” is a blend of a high quality local sand. allows proper sheet drainage and with proper maintenance can have some cushion in the footing. 
This arena footing is very cost effective and easy to maintain

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Race Track Surfaces & Footing

We offer SafeTrack and FusionTrac race track surfaces. Our all weather tracks mean never canceling a race or training session due to inclement weather.

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Arenas & Fields

Let over 20 years of experience in designing custom equestrian arenas and derby fields assist in any upcoming project.


ESl can build any equestrian arena in entirety, from concept to completion, on time and within budget. Before the construction of any arena, ESI will consider the arena type, topography, weather, drainage, and water availability.  ESI works with the client to design and construct an arena that is usable all year-round and will last for years to come.

Watch the creation

of an arena

Time lapse of an Arena Footing Build by ESI


Central Park Horse Show, NY 2014


The selection of the proper arena footing for your equestrian arena is essential to the performance of both rider and horse.


The ideal arena footing will minimize impact to horse's legs, and will not be too slippery or too dusty. Also, it is equally important that it is resistant to the local changes in weather, and avoids abrasion to horse hooves. It is a delicate balance not easily achieved without careful consideration of all factors involved. Expert arena footing installation is ideal to address all factors right from first build.

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Equestrian Services International
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FOOTING & ARENAS: The best equestrian arena footing in the world, equestrian arena design, equestrian arena irrigation, equestrian arena drainage, and all the equipment necessary to maintain your equestrian arena at top level.


EQUESTRIAN PRODUCTS: Arena Construction, Horse Jumps, Arena Dust Suppressant Products, Custom ESI Groomers and Arena Drags, Fences & Paint  – we do it all.

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