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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Arena Construction

1. Site Location: While your arena location doesn't have to be at the “top of the hill”, it should be at the highest grade possible. Let us help you decide before you build.


2. Intended Use: Where are the possible uses for your arena? How often will the arena be used? This will affect the footing you choose when building your arena. ESI has extensive experience determining the best footing for your arena.


3. Disciplines: Who will be riding on the arena? What will its uses be? Arena size and footing recommendations can change based on disciplines.


4. Drainage Systems: There are many drainage systems to consider based on your location. Rainfall, soil base, and more are all factors. Let us show you many solutions including our custom Ebb and Flow system.


5. Irrigation Systems: Like drainage, there are many variations of irrigation systems and which one you should choose is based on your usage and footing choice. ESI can guide you through these decisions.


6. Type of Groomer: Not all arena grooming equipment is created equal. Choose a groomer based on the type of footing you choose. ESI groomers are designed to give premium results, and are manufactured in the USA.


7. Perimeter Retaining Wall: A retaining wall can help with footing retention as well as improve arena aesthetics. Let us give you an eye-catching and functional installation.


8. Maintenance Plan: Develop a cohesive maintenance plan that is complete with a timeline for watering and dragging using your chosen equipment and maintaining your footing.


9. Selecting an Arena Builder: Not all arena builders are equally qualified. ESI is a top notch arena builder with experience building premium professional equestrian arenas for all disciplines, nationwide.


10. Selecting a Qualified Footing Specialist: ESI offers a variety of footing options with patented mixing techniques. We create the best arena footing on the market. Our footing specialists can easily help you decide on the best solution.


If you are looking to use GGT footing, authorized GGT Footing Installers and Distributors will give you the best results during installation. ESI is an authorized GGT Installer. We also offer premixing services for your footing before installation for the best results.

ESI is your one-stop-shop for all your equestrian service needs. With the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry, we are committed to both quality and service, and we nurture personal, long-term relationships with each client based on quality, honesty, and professional, personalized customer service. Read below to learn more about what we offer...

Equestrian Services International

Arena Design • Arena Builder • Arena Maintenance •  Premium Arena Footing • Equestrian Products & Services

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