Established in 2008, ESI is a family business co-owned and operated by Brett & Tracy Raflowitz. Having previously operated a successful lawn and landscape company, they found themselves drawn to the enchanting world of equestrian site development & arena construction. 

Brett & Tracy are childhood sweethearts whose bond has grown stronger over decades, bringing a unique blend of experience and passion to their roles. With him as the President of our company and her overseeing the financial realm, they seamlessly merge their strengths to lead this enterprise with unwavering dedication. 

In the heart of our company, you’ll find more than just a business – you’ll find a family. Our energy, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives infuse a vibrant spirit into everything we do. What started as a professional pursuit soon became a labor of love & it is a privilege to share that love in every project we complete.

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Brett Raflowitz

President & CEO


In the heart of the equestrian world, stands a visionary who has woven passion, hard work, and a zest for life into every thread of ESI. Brett is the driving force that has sculpted a legacy that echoes with resilience & determination etching a permanent mark on every hoofprint of our journey. As President & CEO, he is more than just a leader; He is the epitome of unwavering commitment.

Equestrianism isn’t just a business – it’s a way of life for Brett. With a wealth of knowledge as both a rider and a visionary, he isn’t just building sites; he is creating equestrian sanctuaries, guided by his unparalleled experience and passion. From his early days, Brett has embodied the essence of hard work, running his own pipe crew long before adulthood. Transitioning from that to a dynamic career as a firefighter and paramedic, he brings the spirit of teamwork from the fire department to the heart of our operations. Brett embodies a “where I go, we all go” philosophy that inspires every member of our team. As the head of our company, he is more than just a boss but also a comrade, unafraid to roll up his sleeves and dive into the trenches alongside his team.

But Brett isn’t just about business; he is the marvel of laughter amidst chaos. His short attention span is matched only by his quick wit, injecting humor into every corner of our workspace. Behind every inappropriate joke or comment lies a leader who knows that camaraderie and lightness are essential to the journey of success.

Beyond the world of horses and site plans, Brett lives for good food and good times. He finds solace in the embrace of his family who truly are his passion.

Her journey, once defined by the classroom and sports coaching, has evolved into a vibrant tapestry of entrepreneurship and familial bonds. Before her role as Vice President & CFO, she stood in front of eager minds, nurturing and guiding them as both a teacher and coach of various sports teams. Little did she know that life had another adventure in store for her – one that would lead her to become an integral part of this company.

Tracy’s approach to every endeavor has always been one of wholehearted dedication. To her, challenges are not obstacles; they’re opportunities to showcase our resolve and creativity. This steadfast approach is the cornerstone of her role at ESI, where every decision is guided by meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of our team’s needs.

An embodiment of excellence and a true “mama bear” to our team, Tracy is a powerhouse of dedication, passion & unwavering commitment. With a unique ability to foster an environment where each team member’s voice is valued, she’s the catalyst that encourages us to shine as individuals and as a collective force. 

Outside of the office, Tracy finds her sanctuary in the world of CrossFit. This passion fuels her spirit, resonating with the same vigor that drives her in every aspect of life. Being able to “kick ass and take names”, has prepared her for a life married to Brett.

Tracy Raflowitz

Vice President & CFO

Brittni Raflowitz

Brand Ambassador

Brittni has an appreciation for fast cars, fast men & even faster horses. Born into a family where horses and construction meet, Brittni prides herself in being the face of ESI and being our brand ambassador. Beyond this role, her heart belongs to the world of show jumping. As a professional rider, she’s had the privilege of experiencing the profound bond between horse and rider. This connection fuels her commitment in wanting to be a part of everything ESI has to offer.

Her journey with horses began alongside her dad. She also echoes his passion for riding. From her earliest memories of being in the saddle, she has learned the true value of horsemanship and has developed a strong foundation that continues to shape her journey which will hopefully lead her to the Olympics.

Those who work alongside Brittni describe her as sprinted, determined, & very passionate. This very essence infuses her role as a brand ambassador, which helps bridge the gap between the equestrian community and construction. ESI truly is a family business, whether Brittni is in the show ring or the barn her parents are always alongside for the journey.

In her free time which is few & far between, she enjoys boxing, motor sports, soccer, a good red wine & tequila – just hopefully not at the same time!

As our most seasoned crew leader, Garett brings a lifelong passion for operating heavy equipment and a wealth of experience to every project. From the earliest days of his upbringing, Garett has been drawn to the power and precision of machinery, and this fascination has only grown stronger with time.

His journey began long before his official role, as he grew up immersed in the world of equine & heavy equipment alongside his family. ESI isn’t just a business venture – it’s a labor of love that has been woven into the fabric of their family, hopefully for generations to come. 

For Garett, operating heavy equipment isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life. There’s an indescribable thrill that comes with maneuvering machines, sculpting the land, and turning raw potential into breathtaking equestrian backdrops. Every project is an opportunity for him to push boundaries, to learn, and to grow – both personally and professionally.

When Garett isn’t operating equipment in the field or traveling to horse shows managing our maintenance crews, you can find him at a shooting range emerging himself in his second passion. For Garett, there is nothing else needed besides equipment, guns & a road to travel on.

Garett Raflowitz

Brett 2.0

Leanne Franzel

Office Administrator

Leanne Franzel is our spirited office administrator with over a decade’s experience in the trade. Born and raised in sunny Florida, Leanne sharpened her management acumen in the beauty and skincare industry before setting her bag down for good with ESI, where she’s proudly grown over the past 6 years.

Leanne is known for her direct and transparent style of management. She appreciates clarity and values respect, making sure everyone on her team knows where they stand. She conquers stressful situations with a unique blend of determination and humor – sometimes that might include a mix of cocktails and swearing which never makes it a dull day in the office!

Described by her colleagues as passionate and hardworking, she is committed to constant learning and continuous improvement. Leanne has a knack for taking on new roles, tasks, and projects with an ambition to continue to grow within the company further down the line. She’s really big on professional development, continually expanding her knowledge base.

 When she’s not running the office, Leanne is an avid reader who enjoys quality time with her husband and their family.

In the realm of precision and passion, ESI shines under the adept guidance of Jessica, our versatile Project Manager and Estimator. With a journey that effortlessly weaves equestrian prowess, exceptional education, and boundless leadership, Jessica stands as the embodiment of proficiency and dedication.

From the vibrant horse circuits of New York and New Jersey to being a riding instructor in Northern Virginia, Jessica’s equestrian journey has been a testament to her enduring connection with horses. Armed with a robust educational foundation from an Ivy League institution, Jessica transitioned seamlessly into her role with ESI. Her background alongside her B.A. and M.S.W. highlight her ability to seamlessly merge academic dexterity and equestrian knowledge. Under her astute guidance, projects come to life with a meticulous attention to detail and a profound sense of purpose.

A true academic at heart, Jessica is unapologetically nerdy, diving into any opportunity for intellectual growth. Her voracious appetite for knowledge is paralleled only by her dedication to every task at hand. Always striving for excellence, she approaches each project with meticulous care, leaving no stone unturned in her pursuit of perfection. 

Outside of the office, you’ll find Jessica pursuing her passion for CrossFit. This dedication to strength and endurance directly translates into her daily life, particularly when wrangling her spirited twins at home.

Jessica Nichols


DJ Morgan


With a passion for construction and a wealth of expertise, DJ serves as our Superintendent. He plays a pivotal role in ensuring the successful execution of projects that cater to the unique requirements of the equine world. DJ combines many years of experience with an unwavering commitment to quality and functionality.

DJ’s hands-on approach ensures that each project is completed seamlessly. Which has been proven effective through the respect and camaraderie he shares with our onsite team. His ability to collaborate ensures that every project transforms visions into a tangible equestrian haven. DJ tackles challenges head-on, armed with a positive outlook that’s contagious among the teams he leads.

Beyond the construction site, DJ spends his time fulfilling his passion for cars, trucks & more. Outside of leading our crews in the field, he can also be found in an ESI semi, which to him is a day well spent. If asked, DJ will agree that bigger is always better!

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