Turf Surfaces

With our comprehensive knowledge and specialized tools, we can construct the perfect turf surface for any property.

Derby & Polo Fields

Developing a derby or polo field requires an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence. Our seasoned experts meticulously plan and execute every aspect of construction, from preparing the ground to deciding whether to turf or sprig the field. 

Similar to arena construction, ESI offers several options to enhance the drainage of your grass field:

This layer would span throughout the entirety of your field. This provides the most amount of percolation and gives the water a place to go after leaving the surface.

This layer would span throughout the entirety of your field. This provides the most amount of percolation and gives the water a place to go after leaving the surface.

This layer involves the installation of rows of channel drains to the sub-base of the field that includes drainage rock and pipe.

To Sprig or To Turf – That is the Question!  One of the most important decisions to be made is how you will “grass” your field. 

This option is slightly more time consuming without the instant gratification of an immediately green surface, but it does allow for a stronger root growth which over time creates a tougher turf.

Sodding your field provides a quicker growth in process and allows for a more instant surface.

A well-designed field isn’t just an open space; it’s an arena of opportunity for riders and horses to showcase their skills. With a focus on safety, aesthetics, and functionality, we ensure that your derby field is a masterpiece in the making. For derby fields, we also offer:


The paddocks we create are not only functional but a reflection of our commitment to creating spaces where horses can graze, play, and thrive. We specialize in creating these spaces that embrace beauty and provide the ultimate in equine comfort and care. Our dedication to precision ensures that each paddock we create is a testament to both capability and functionality.

Paddocks allow horses to engage in natural behaviors, promoting their physical and mental well-being. They provide ample space which encourages movement and play, contributing to horses’ fitness and happiness.

Our approach ensures that your paddocks are tailored to your needs and preferences transforming your concept into a detailed plan, meticulously considering factors such as:

Just as every horse has its unique personality, every equestrian paddock can have its distinct features. ESI offers a range of options to cater to various preferences:

  • Grass Paddocks: For horses that graze and enjoy the freedom of open spaces, we create lush grass paddocks that provide a natural environment for leisure and play.
  • Sand Paddocks: For a lower maintenance option, sand paddocks are a great alternative.

Creating paddocks requires an understanding of both equine behavior and land development. 

  • All Weather Paddock: To ensure that your paddock remains usable, even in inclement weather we offer All-Weather Paddocks to enhance drainage. Similar to the construction of a derby field or arena, our All-Weather Paddocks would have a drainage layer that runs throughout the entire area.

Sports Fields

We specialize in constructing turfed sports fields where expertise of landscape mastery meets the demands of athletic performance. These fields stand as areas of precision, endurance, and sporting accomplishment. Throughout the entire process, we ensure that each sports field is constructed to elevate both players’ proficiency and the spectator experience.

We work to understand the nuances of your sport, its requirements, and the experience you aim to create. Crafting a turfed sports field demands the perfect fusion of design, and craftsmanship. Our team accurately grades surfaces, ensuring an even playing field that meets the standards of professional play.

From inception to the initial whistle, we partner with you to create turfed areas that unite competition and craftsmanship. Step onto a field where precision meets passion & victory converges with vision, our team can ensure your surface ‘game day’ ready!


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