From conception to completion, we are here to make your equestrian dreams a reality. ESI’s team combines expertise in site design, development & it’s construction. We can help turn-key any project no matter how big or small.

ESI’s team of professionals work with every client to design, develop & construction each property or facility. We have the ability to provide turn-key services for jobs of all sizes and locations. This gives ESI the unique ability to support our clients not only through initial implementation of each project, but also throughout continued maintenance & expansion for years to come.


Arena Design

ESI works closely with each individual client to determine what works best for the property based on:

Property Design

At ESI, we pride ourselves on being proficient in equestrian site design catering to the diverse needs of the equestrian community. ESI is able to create functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that exceed expectations. 

We conduct thorough site evaluations, considering factors such as topography, drainage, soil quality, and environmental impact. By employing cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, we ensure the design phase is meticulously planned to optimize the site’s potential and minimize potential risks. 

Our team delves into the intricacies of your vision, studying site plans meticulously ensuring every aspect aligns seamlessly with your vision. We collaborate closely with each client to refine and optimize the plan, laying the foundation for a project that reflects your dreams.


Arena Construction

We pride ourselves on constructing arenas that combine the perfect balance between cushion and stability, prioritizing both safety and comfort. Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to understanding the intricate dynamics between horse and rider, recognizing that an arena must not only provide functional space but also serve as an environment that fosters harmony and trust.

Starting from the ground up, we recognize the significance of each layer within your arena to ensure an effective system, considering factors such as:

In order to enhance percolation and rideability, selecting your drainage is essential, especially during wet conditions

  • Full-Free Drainage: This layer would span under the entirety of your riding surface. This provides the most amount of percolation and gives the water a place to go after leaving the surface. 
  • Channel Drains: This layer involves the installation of rows of channel drains to the subbase of the arena that includes both drainage rock and pipe.


The installation of irrigation systems is vital when it comes to the overall long-term health of your arena. To ensure longevity & rideability, maintaining the ideal amount of water on the surface of your arena is essential.

Based on the overall size of the arena as well as location and climate condition, our expert team can design & install an ideal irrigation system for your arena. 

No two riders are the same, and neither should be their arenas. Our tailored approach ensures that every arena we build reflects your aspirations. 

Whether you’re seeking a state-of-the-art competition arena, a serene training ground, or a versatile space for various equestrian disciplines, we collaborate closely with you to develop an arena that aligns with your needs.

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Site Development

Our mission is to create spaces where our client’s passions come to life. With a commitment to integrity and an unwavering dedication to your vision, we bring every element of site development into alignment, resulting in a cohesive and captivating environment for every client. 

With our knack for earthwork, underground drainage & attention to detail, our skilled team can develop a blank property into equestrian excellence. Our team excels in the delicate craft of cut and balance, creating berms, slopes, and swales that not only serve functional purposes but also add depth and character to your property. Every elevation is meticulously crafted to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. ESI services include:

We pride ourselves in direct communication with our clients on job progress by providing daily updates for tasks completed, including photos and tentative tasks. Through our extensive relationships with vendors of various trades, we are able to provide a ‘turn-key’ experience by orchestrating the majority of tasks onsite.

Round Pen Construction

When it comes to constructing a Round Pen, choosing materials is fundamental. We meticulously select resources that are proven to provide longevity, ensuring that your round pen remains a useful exercise tool for your equine companion through every season. We construct round pens with a keen focus on functionality, allowing trainers and riders to engage in lunging exercises effectively.

While the structure is typically circular in shape, they can be built oval or square to aid in the specific training modality you are looking for. 

  • Full-Free Drainage: This layer would span throughout the entirety of your field. This provides the most amount of percolation and gives the water a place to go after leaving the surface.


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