At ESI, we understand that the quality of arena footing plays a vital role in the overall performance and well-being of both horse and rider. Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we create the optimal riding surface that enhances the comfort, performance, & safety of horses across various disciplines.

International All-Weather Footing

‘Ride like a Champion’ with our International All-Weather Footing. Our most popular & highest performing footing option consists of the highest quality sands blended with geotextiles & fibers. This, in combination with the proper drainage layer, creates the perfect balance of cushion & stability. Our most well-known example is seen in our trademark “ESI pink footing”.

This world class footing can be seen in some of the most respected equestrian venues worldwide. This includes the World Equestrian Games 2018, Tryon International Equestrian Center, Devon Horse Show, The Hampton Classic, Penn National Horse Show, Global Dressage, Central Park Horse Show, & Longine’s Global Champion’s Tour.

Premium Performance Footing

Our Premium Performance Footing, also known as “P2”, combines high quality and carefully sourced local sands. This sand mixture, blended with geotextile and fiber offers a more affordable option for customers looking to achieve similar performance and rideability to our International All-Weather Footing.

Traditional Premium Footing

ESI’s Traditional Premium Footing is a more cost-effective solution that offers exceptional benefits to both horse and rider. Utilizing a blend of locally sourced sand and geotextile material, ESI ensures a high-quality riding surface while keeping it affordable.

Elite Footing - Dustless

ESI’s Elite Footing offers a dust-less, low maintenance riding surface for both indoor and outdoor use. This top-tier product allows for a dust-free riding environment that delivers unmatched durability.

FusionTrac© Premium Racing Footing

ESI’s FusionTrac is a racing surface that utilizes a combination of native soil and our special blend of fiber & geotextile racing mix. This track blend sets a new standard in equestrian racetrack footing. With its perfect combination of natural elements and modern technology, it provides a safe, durable, and cost-effective solution for racetracks.

Arena Maintenance

In order to ensure the longevity and rideability of your footing, it is essential that arenas are maintained professionally on a regular basis. Our arena maintenance specialists are highly skilled in implementing maintenance protocols for every arena.

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